Thursday AA Speakers 


A Monroe Michigan Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting






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        Bill W.                     ** AA Founders **                      Dr. Bob

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Our meeting is held every Thursday night at
’s gymnasium located at 630 N Monroe, Monroe, MI (MAP). The meeting consists of Guest Leads from recovering alcoholics with a minimum of one year of sobriety. They are both local and national members of AA who willingly give that which was so freely given to them. They share their experience, strength and hope for the “new comer” and the “old timer” to grow together in fellowship. In hearing what they were like, what happened and what they are like now, they reach out to all alcoholics with the hope that some or all of us may come to realize that we are NOT ALONE ANY MORE! We belong! We can change for the better and be happy, joyous and free for the rest of our lives through
the 12 Steps and the AA fellowship!

























Join us this Thursday to SEE and HEAR fellow members of AA WORKING their TWELTH STEP by carrying  the message to alcoholic who still suffers………..


Thursday AA Speakers
8:00 PM Thursday Nights
Grace Lutheran Church - Gymnasium
630 N Monroe St.
Monroe MI
(Map and Directions)